Throwback Corduroy Pieces are the Key to Fall Fashion

Posted on August 31, 2017 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, Shoes

Our favorite 70’s bell-bottom trend is back in style and we could not be more excited! Yes, you read that correctly. Start searching your closet for those corduroys because they are making a big comeback this fall.

Although the bell-bottom cords are still around, some new pieces have decided to take on this texture. To make this fall staple easier, we did some research to find out the best ways to wear all your corduroy favorites!

If you’re new to corduroys or have a more conservative style, try starting out with some neutral colors and skinny style pants. Then, wear them like jeans! Pair it with a basic top and fall inspired jacket or scarf and some heels and you’re good to go for any occasion!


If you’re a fan of mixing textures, lace and sweaters look amazing with corduroys. For more brightly colored cords, try a denim top. Don’t forget to top off your outfit with some modern accessories to keep you from looking too outdated.

The best part about cords is you can wear them like jeans but they are much more work appropriate than denim! Pair your cords with a tailored blazer and some loafers for a preppy business look.


When wearing different style corduroy pants, choosing the right shoes may be difficult. Stick with pointed heels for bell-bottoms or flare, high heel boots or flats for skinny, and booties or wedge heels for cropped.

Avoid these four fashion mistakes while wearing corduroys.

1) Don’t go too vintage with the corduroy look. We want you to look like you just walked off the runway not like you’re heading to a retro party.

2) Don’t wear corduroy hats. Ever.  Did I mention the retro party?

3) Don’t wear shapeless cords. Love your body and let it show. The best way to do this is with a tailored closet.

4) Wear one corduroy textured piece at a time. Mixing too many corduroy pieces can get messy. The only time this is acceptable is with a corduroy suit.

Whether you just adore the classic 70s corduroy bell-bottoms or want to spice it up with an Earth-toned corduroy dress, add this essential and fun texture to your fall ensemble! We promise you won’t regret it!


Carson Barcklow