20 Eye-Catching Coats That Will Keep You Warm & Top Off Your Fashion Feng Shui Element

Posted on December 13, 2018 · Posted in Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Whether you’re already knee deep in snow or your winter is just starting out, having the appropriate topper is a must-have.  We should really think of it as more than just an overcoat, but the completion of your total look.  For those of us in the South, purchasing a winter coat has a totally different meaning than my Northern counterparts.  We have the luxury of rotating a heavy sweater, a denim jacket or even a vest into our rotation.  Many of us think of it as an extra layering piece.  Those in colder temps must factor in not only warmth but practicality and function into their coat purchase.   Now let’s add in your Fashion Feng Shui® element into the mix and buying a coat could get even more difficult but I’m here to help solve some of those dilemmas. For more information about Fashion Feng Shui®, contact me or click here.

Water~The Contemplator

Bundling up for the Water element will be fairly easy since black and dark colors are abundant this time of year.  Since most creatives may not want their coat to coordinate with their outfit, mixing up Water elements textures, fabrics and patterns could be fun to see or maybe they just want to blend into the background and be more introspective.  Here are a few choices for those of you falling into this element.  Vince Camuto has a fabulous black cape that is sure to add mystery and spice to your outfit.  It’s a fun, layering piece and the free-flowing body of the cape will float nicely over Water elements ensembles.  I also LOVE the flowy trim on the Dries van Noten coat.  It will definitely top off any outfit with creative flair and movement, which Water elements enjoy.  Chloe’s Boho style duster is a perfect topper for less frigid temps and can be worn year-round in some areas or could be layered under a more substantial oversized coat for the Water elements.  For the contemplative men, the oversized jacket will keep you warm and cozy while allowing for layers and a coat that a musician or writer may be drawn towards. 

Wood~The Crusader

While most Wood elements must be able to move in their coats, finding a coat for this active element will not be a problem this season.  Fitness/athleisure styles still reign supreme and the Wood element won’t have any problem finding a Columbia brand vest or Marmot brand jacket to coordinate with their looks.  The Patagonia blue jacket is the perfect coat for hiking around the lake or the adventure you’re on.  The new technologies with fabrics make them incredibly light-weight yet still super warm. Look for coats with stretch, ribbed textures, cargo pockets, zippers and/or hoods.  Add your favorite beanie and gloves and your ready to tackle the weather and your trip.  Vests, I can’t express enough how much I LOVE a vest living in the South!  Since our winters may be mild, I love the fact I can throw on a vest and still have the comfort and ease of a coat without the bulk. Although they appear more casual to be worn with jeans, pants or leggings, they also look super cute with dresses, tights and high boots.  Add a hood to your vest like this one from Nordstrom Signature and you have the best of both worlds!  Men may love the Lucky Brand Field jacket or a jacket in denim or corduroy for either gender and in should be in everyone’s wardrobe.  

Fire~The Captivator

Most Fire’s want to make a statement any opportunity they have and outerwear is no exception.  Entering or leaving the event in this Alexander McQueen embroidered biker jacket will be epic. Since leather and/or animal print coats are a must-have, choices are endless this season.  Bright colors are making a comeback for Spring but you can jump ahead of this trend by choosing a coat in a pop of red, orange or purple this winter.  Look for pointed collars, peaked lapels, and of course FUR and whether you opt for real or faux these will be other distinguishing details Fire elements may look for when shopping for their “stand-out” topper.  The colorful orange fur chubby coat by Anne Vest is so scrumptious you’ll want to wear it all day.  You could dress it up for the company Holiday party worn over a sexy, little BOLD dress or dressed down with leggings, a print blouse and heels.  Male Fire elements may look for a leather bomber with shearling trim like this Tommy Hilfiger aviator inspired jacket with a dash of red on the trim.  Great with jeans or pants and a sweater for casual Friday.  The beautiful Celebration Jacket by cabi is a lightweight print jacket perfect for year-round or warmer climates.  The gorgeous red color looks amazing on most skin tones and makes a dramatic entrance when buttoned at the neck.

Earth~The Caregiver

The loving spirits of Earth elements may enjoy wearing tweed, plaid or earth-tone coats.  Whether you’re a mom or other caregiver, you’re more of a traditionalist when choosing your winter coat.  It may need to coordinate with most of your wardrobe as you may only have one main stay coat.  Look for coats with patch pockets and neutral prints/textures.  For those of you in warmer climates, perhaps a great plaid blazer is the answer.  You can layer a sweater or blouse underneath and add a scarf for additional warmth. The Past Time Jacket by cabi is in a beautiful tartan plaid in earth-tones.  Check out the square pockets that wrap around the waist as opposed to being on the front of the blazer.  The longer length may be perfect for those with larger hips or a taller frame.  Quilted coats are very popular in a variety of colors and styles.  This one by Michael Kors belts at the waist and is in a cream shade.  It’s a great choice for an everyday coat.  I love the shorter length Calvin Klein brown tweed coat that can also be worn belted or not.  Our traditional style Earth Men will love the Tommy Hilfiger top coat in plaid perfect with a button down shirt or sweater underneath.  

Metal~The Connoisseur

Looking for the “Perfect” topper for Metal elements may have a keen eye and a choice of refinement.  Once the perfect coat is found, alterations will take precedence and the coat will have to fit like it’s custom made and look impeccable on the wearer.  For the possible Curator or Statesman, elegance is key and you will focus on quality over quantity.  The beautiful metallic gold shade of the Reiss blazer can be worn as a main topper or under another more substantial coat in pastels, shades of white or blush tones.  The gorgeous Akris jacket is worn monochromatically with a print pant but could just as easily coordinate with a winter white lace or crepe de chine dress.  As mentioned previously, vests are still wildly popular, so Metals choose a casual one in a metallic or gray shade for those dressed down days outside the boardroom.  Always a staple in any Metal Man’s wardrobe, he will love a cashmere camel hair top coat.  This one by Bonobos and is a slim fit so tailoring may not be needed and it still screams luxury.  Choosing a coat for Metal elements has never been easier this year with all of the metallic and pastel tones.  

So what coats were you drawn towards?  Did you choose a coat for your element or the intention you’ve set for the winter season?  Don’t forget to make sure your coat contains the four F’s.  It should fit, flatter, function and fulfill your daily lifestyle or specific occasion.  Take some time when choosing your coat, think about what you’ll wear with it.   Will it coordinate with at least 3 pieces in your wardrobe?   Most of all, make sure you LOVE it!  To see more coats in your element, check out my “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Coat Catalog.