2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide with Fashion Feng Shui®

Posted on June 8, 2019 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping

Father’s Day is around the corner: June 16th, to be exact.  Wondering what to get your dad, husband, boyfriend, or significant other?  Well, look no further!  I have uncovered some really cool, unique elemental based gifts found (mostly) from uncommongoods.com.  When shopping for your man, dad, etc. go for something different yet a useful gift and keep his Fashion Feng Shui® element in mind.


Is your father (or the man in your life) a free spirit?  Maybe he’s more of a private, introspective guy who enjoys creative pastimes like art or writing?  Or is he a a healer or musician?  Maybe your man is just so busy, he needs to bring in the calm, reflectiveness of the water element….He should set his  intention to just “be” and could easily relax in some comfy herbal warming slippers or gaze at the Deep Seas Sand Art to reflect and chill.


Maybe he shows his creativeness in his garden and could add the Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture to his area.  Either way, he will love the “out of the box” gifts you give him with the Water vibe.

Wood~The Crusader

“Let’s go hiking, run the next marathon or travel abroad!”  If your dad is asking these questions or making plans then you have an active man in your life.  He may also have a competitive spirit.  Is he a lawyer, broker or coach (on the side)?  Then add some of these interesting gifts to your shopping list.  “Cycling Sunnies”-  whether your guy cycles or not he will still go outdoors and needs a pair of shades! There are MANY styles to choose from and these are latest in sun protection and I love how they wrap around your face.  For the gardener or outdoorsman- the Shitake Mushroom Log Kit sets you up to grow your own mushrooms in a pretty cool way!  

 Wearing stripes, natural fibers, and/or anything on the athletic front, he may need to occasionally “dress up” and NO, cargo pants will NOT do….  Instead, add the Cork Bow Tie to his Seer Sucker Suit and get noticed!  Maybe dad needs to hop ON the fitness bandwagon and has set his intention to exercise, you’ll never go wrong with a fitness watch that can keep track of everything from sleep to steps and heartbeat.  Dad will enjoy learning about any of these gift ideas.

FIRE~The Captivator

Does Dad ALWAYS want to have “FUN”?  Is he a social butterfly or maybe your man is just super sexy or flamboyant??  He will defiantly crave a new fragrance like Dior’s new Sauvage, a fitting name, too. Or for the Spokesman or entertaining man about town, a bold, red tie with his favorite pooch will catch the attention of others and be an instant conversation starter.

Maybe Dad wants to get noticed at his next cocktail or pool party and the Bloody Mary’s he mixes up will make a statement in these colorful glasses. He’ll be the “host with the most” especially if Dad wants to attract more enthusiasm and joy from life.

EARTH~The Caregiver

The Family Man of the house has a committed spirit and enjoys helping others.  Nothing makes him happier that family and adding to his stash of grilling items is the perfect gift!  Check out these grill bbq tools; the Grill Smoker Set lets him get creative with seasonings and the Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank is another cool way to cook meat and veggies.  Dad may be reliable and diplomatic, or he could be a banker or politician but above all, he loves all things Family!  

Trying to bring in more of the Earth element for your Dad or husband?  The Personalized Family Member Sign Post will be a yard art piece in the garden or off the patio to show where his loyalties lie. 

METAL~The Connoisseur

Finally, the Metal man not only has a cultivated spirit but desires refinement and the “best of the best”.  Your dad may be a statesman, curator or analyst, but always has discerning taste and impeccable style.  The Hardworking Man’s Hygiene Kit will help keep his skin looking amazing that meticulously man-scaped beard perfectly trimmed.Add some GOLD to his man cave by giving him a Personalized Gold LP Record to commemorate Dads life event.  

And for the man that desires more organization to his office, the “Nailed It” Desk Organizer takes the cake!  Make sure his desk screams organization with a bit of whimsy.  

Overall, make sure your dad or the man in your life has a day just exactly themed for him.  Although I have no affiliation with uncommongoods.com, I love their spin on gifts for all occasions!  

Pamper your man and have a fantastic Father’s Day!