Are You Hiding Behind A Boring Mask?

Posted on June 5, 2020 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Personal Shopping

Since the global pandemic hit earlier this year, face masks may be a new “accessory” for our unforeseeable future.  I think we should at least shop for them in fun prints and colors. Right??  Disclaimer-The masks I discovered are not all medical grades.  So…. if FULL protection is what you’re after, you may have to go the less adventurous, more practical route.  

Designers and companies alike have jumped on the “mask” bandwagon in the past few months.  Let’s take a look at how to tie this into your Fashion Feng Shui element, so you can choose a mask that really honors your element.  

For the Water Elements, these contemplators may just be “Being” during the pandemic.  I have fallen into this group over the past few months.  Have you been creative during this “time off”?  Are you dreaming of tranquility or maybe if you’re working, homeschooling, AND taking care of the house, you dream of the future spa-day and serenity?  Either way, you may need to add some water into your life.  Tie-dye is a huge trend in clothing, so look for masks with that print in many shades and tones.  Mix it up with a galaxy print to coordinate with the black, dark tones of your clothing.  If you’re living in yoga pants or anything w/ an elastic waistband (& ladies, let’s face it…who isn’t), why not spruce up your look with an abstract print mask.  Choose a color or print mask you’re drawn and set your intention to “Just Be” if you’ve been overwhelmed and need some time to relax.  

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For the Wood Elements, have you been active during this time?  If not, you should consider venturing outdoors to help your mental state.  Maybe you’ve kept up your routine during the quarantine and you’re NOT gaining the “quarantine 15”.  Most gyms are still closed so if it’s raining and you can’t go outside, go online and you’ll see MANY workouts for all fitness levels for FREE.  Stripes, florals, and denim are key prints for the wood elements, and there are MANY choices for masks in these prints.  Have you been focused on goal setting or just taking any action needed for YOU~The Crusader?  Then look for one of these mask prints.  Blues and greens will calm your spirit.  

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Fire Elements may be going a little stir CRAZY in isolation…..  You are probably on multi-task overload.  Do you miss hugging friends and family?  Are you desiring FUN, missing your in-person meetings and if you’re ready to add some drama to those yoga pants (or maybe you’re in hot-pants), I have a mask for you!  Sequins, animal prints, snakeskin prints, and all that BLINGS in BOLD reds, oranges, & purples, maybe even some neon.  These masks are definitely for the fashion girl, aka The Captivator!  They make a statement and Fire elements may be craving this if you’ve been cooped-up.

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The Earth elements are in their Caregiving mode during this time and many of you may also be in cooking mode.  What new dishes have you created?  Comfort food maybe?  Have you been focused on your family?  Maybe you are in your element homeschooling and taking care of everyone.  These masks are more traditional in styles and more practical.  So, the medical-grade masks will fall into this category.  However, if you desire a few more prints than the simple solid masks, here are some suggestions.  

Look for gingham, plaid and argyle prints.  Another BIG trend surfacing is matching your mask to your top.  Same print/pattern on both.  Cute idea for those of you not wanting to give much thought if you’re mask coordinates with your outfit.

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Finally, the Metal Elements may pay a premium for their masks.  Simple polka dots, lame. or pastels will coordinate with their look but the fabrics may be more lux.  They may have taken this time to touch up an already clean and organized home.  Maybe they are redecorated during this time.  These Connoisseurs may have been homebound for months, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from their appearance.  Clothing is clean and pressed, hair may be pulled back in a sleek pony or bun.  They still look amazing even grocery shopping, their masks may also be the best medical grade options available or they may choose one of these as an accessory piece.  

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Whatever mask you choose, have fun with it!  This can be a stressful time for many.  I am not making light of the situation, but I want you to think of masks as an accessory, like eyeglasses or earrings, and coordinate them with your look.  Go with your gut on your choices.    

I found A LOT of mask options from Threadless and Maskclub but other designers like Any Old Iron and Laura Citron had flashier options and are donating a portion to local charities.  Happy shopping! 

Stay well and we’ll make it through this!