Fashion Feng Shui®-Trendspotting S/S 16′

Posted on February 28, 2016 · Posted in Fashion

Recently, I was asked to write quarterly trend reports for Fashion Feng Shui® International, a group I am a member and greatly respect.  These are the trends you’ll be seeing and how you can incorporate them into your specific element to look stylish and feel amazing in your own skin.  Not sure what YOUR element would be?  Call me for a Fashion Feng Shui® session or check out their website for more information.

With the frigid temps, Spring time weather (& clothing) seem like light years away….. Our dear groundhog friend, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted an early spring, but even in the South, it is COLD! Incorporating all 5 elements into your daily dress can be challenging, add trends to the mix and if you’re not comfortable with your personal style, this could lead to a hot mess. When done correctly, you’re dressing for your Appearance/your body, your Intention/your mind and your Essence/your spirit. I always tell my clients they must LOVE every item they purchase and wear. In return, they will feel (& look) amazing wearing those items. Remember you’re dressing the whole person.

This season we are seeing a lot of the same items we saw last year. This is great for the trendy personality on a budget. They will get to reuse and recycle their items for another 1-2 seasons. Maybe all you need to do is add the “Color(s) of the Year” to your wardrobe. As Andrea mentioned in the January Facilitator Flash, these colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity for 2016. The 70’s vibe continues with the pantsuit, flared leg denim, fringe and more. Ruffles will be everywhere and on everything from soft to dramatic. Block heels will replace stilettos and your feet will thank you! Metallics will be on clothing in fabrics and embellishments, accessories, and makeup. EVERY element can take part with a trend or two this spring. Let’s break this down by element.

Water-The Philosopher will love the ruffle trend! This flowy detail can be soft or dramatic. You’ll see ruffles in everything from clothing to accessories. The Water element will love wearing this trend to show their creative side. The larger the ruffle, the more dramatic and creative Water elements can be.

Express your artistic side and wear or even create your own tie-dyed prints. This print will also pull out the abstract patterns/prints that Waters love. You’ll want to keep your tie-dyed in deeper blues or blacks tones and hues but other elements can find tie-dyed in their favorite colors. By wearing the pattern on your top half, you’ll also balance out your “A” or pear shape. Waters may also love wearing paper-bag cinched waist pant or skirt to skim over their shape.


Wood-The Pioneer-   A lot of the trends this season will be right up the Wood elements alley.



You’ll have LOTS of pants and pantsuits to choose from. Since Wood elements love denim, step away from your skinny jeans and try a new leg on your jeans. Your rectangle shape will allow you to wear the flared and wider width pants if you like them.

Stripes will be shown in different widths and directions.







The columnar shape of duster coats/sweaters will look great with your denim for the 70’s vibe.

Floral prints will remain popular and you can choose the size and scale of the flowers for your size and height. Pantone’s snorkel blue and green flash will also look great with Woods coloring.



When you dress up, add the long statement earring to your ensemble. The columnar shape will coordinate nicely with your rectangular shape and long limbs.

Don’t forget to add an updated backpack to your shopping list. Wood elements will love the sportiness of this bag and it can go from day to night in the right fabrication.











Fire-The Pleasure Seeker–   Desiring attention, Fire’s will appreciate the v-neck slip dress and lingerie trend this season in satin fabrics. Pair a lingerie-inspired dress, cami or blouse with a jacket, fitted skirt and pointy toe shoes and you’ll be ready for work or a night on the town.


















If you love shoes with a pointy toe and that lace up the leg, you’ll want to get a pair of these or some variation.



Fires can also flash a little skin with a cold shoulder, halter or strapless top or try a plunging neckline, which has been all over the red carpet.




Check out the Fiesta color in one shoulder and cold shoulder tops. It’s the perfect amount of sexiness without going overboard.


Earth-The Peacemakers traditional, practical style can be found with the block heel sandals and shoes this season. Not only will they be comfortable with your full figure but will keep you on trend yet share your conservative fashion views.

Pantone colors Iced Coffee and Buttercup can be added to your wardrobe if you find the trends are too much for your practical lifestyle. These shades will also coordinate nicely with the golden tones in your hair, skin, and eyes.

The crochet trim and patch pockets we saw last year can be recycled this spring for an easy update if you purchased them last year. Pairing a crochet shawl with a neutral dress will be ensemble for work or a night out with your spouse.


Metal-The Perfectionist elements will feel right at home in the “Colors of the Year”-Rose Quartz and Serenity. You can also add metallic shades to your cultivated wardrobe. The pale shades and metallic hues will look amazing with your body tones and give you the refinement you desire. Whether you want to add a bit of metallic shine in with your eyeshadow or metallic nails, a little will go a long way for this element.


Lace will also be everywhere and on everything. The Metal element can add a bit of lace to your wardrobe for business or casual and you will always carry off this trend elegantly. Your choices are always more expensive looking whether you paid full price or not. A gorgeous lace dress in a soft shade with a metallic shoe will look amazing on your hourglass shape.

No matter what trend you embrace, make sure it fits with YOUR appearance, intention or essence and you’ll not only look but feel fantastic and bring forth all that you desire! Enjoy spring and embrace a few of these trends.