Get in Line

Posted on May 1, 2016 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Personal Shopping, Shoes

Stripes, love them or hate them, are HUGE this season.

Did you know that Coco Chanel is responsible for starting the stripe trend?  In 1917, she showed her first nautical collection in France after traveling to the French Riviera.  While visiting, she saw the workers in the marina wearing their knit navy and white striped shirts and fell in love with the print.  I’ve always liked stripes but lately, I’ve been drawn more to them.  It could be my “Wood” energy (thanks to Fashion Feng Shui ®) coming out.

Want to try wearing stripes this season?

I consider stripes a classic and they can be worn year round with solids like most wear them OR if you’re bolder, mix them with another pattern or even wear more stripes in different widths or directions. Here are some tips to making stripes look amazing on your figure.

  • Stripes elongate and slim but also add width.  Knowing what areas you’re trying to accentuate or camouflage is helpful when wearing stripes.  Triangle body shapes should wear their stripes on their top half to balance out a heavier bottom half.  Inverted Triangle body shapes should wear their stripes on the bottom half and a solid top on top.    Can you wear head to toe stripes?  YES!  Don’t be scared.  Hourglass, Rectangle, Round and Diamond body shapes can wear stripes too.  Add a belt to your head to toe striped look and you’ll make a statement and show off your waist or add stripes to the area where you want to make a statement.
  • Look for stripes of different widths and directions for more interest.
  • Your fabric choice also has a needs to be taken into consideration when wearing stripes.  Wearing a light flowy cotton of chiffon with stripes printed will feel and flow differently than a thicker weight striped denim.
  • Can you mix stripes with other prints or patterns?  ABSOLUTELY!  Here’s how:  If you have a black and white striped top, mix a floral pattern that has either a larger or smaller print and the black/white colors in it.  Ground your look with a solid shoe or sandal.
  • Not a fan of wearing stripes?  Try stripped accessories!  There are SO MANY choices; shoes, sunnies, hats and more bags than you could carry in a season.


Get your stripes this summer!