Get Out of Those Stretchy Pants and Into One of These Fall Trends!

Posted on September 18, 2020 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, Shoes

Will this pandemic EVER END??  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to go out with a group, wear cute clothes, and not worry about contracting Covid19.  Although most of the world is still wearing “comfy clothes” to offset the “quarantine 15” they may have gained (or lost), I’m here to boost your morale, give you a slew of fall trends to check out, and to hopefully get you OUT of those yoga pants! 

During the past 6 months elementally speaking, I have been just “being” during the quarantine; mainly, making the most of my time off from work by doing a massive clean out of my house along with my parent’s house, adding some extra Wood and working out more than usual.  What about you? Hopefully, you’re staying healthy and developing some new positive habits.  

This season’s trends will make you WANT to go shopping, even if it’s online.  I didn’t spot anything new in trends just a revitalization of some that are very wearable for any element.  

All That Glitz

No matter what your personal style, everyone deserves to add a little sparkle, bling, or shine to their wardrobe.  Maybe you like A LOT of bling…. you will be especially happy and may even be able to wear it to work.  From casual bomber jackets & dusters to cocktail dresses both long and short.  Even pants, tops, and bags; sequins, metallic and patent leather abound!  

I always like to pair a dressy top with jeans because I live in jeans & will top it w/ heels or kicks depending on the occasion.  Everyone should enjoy some glitz this fall and it flows nicely into the holidays.  Look for anything metallic, patent leather, and/or sequin and make this statement work for you.

Bootcut and Straight Leg Jeans

Speaking of jeans…..  many of us may be tied to our skinny jeans but look for more bootcut and straight leg options which will be more flattering on so many more body types.  You may want to look for a new denim wash to freshen up their choices.  Lighter washes are available even for colder months.  Or you may want to look for interesting and quirky details on the jeans like the cool, asymmetrical front.  Make sure your jeans have spandex for the possible “quarantine 15” you may have gained.  So give these styles a “go”, paired with the Ivy League/preppy trend and this will be a no-brainer for casual office days at home or running errands.

Neutral and Colored Leather

Check out ALL things leather this season.  Faux or real and in colored leather or neutral leather.  Either way, everyone wins with leather.  Easily accessible, leather will be everywhere in every style, at every price point.  I encourage you to jump on this bandwagon.  Leather not only gives you the warmth aspect but a little bit of sexiness and since we’ve all been cooped up for months, we could all use a little bit of that!  Maybe you like the monochromatic or tonal neutrals in the softest leather possible, to look amazing.  Or you may opt for a new twist on their leather jacket.  Maybe you’re drawn for something with Fringe (another trend), or a BOLD, red, purple, or orange tight-fitting pants or dress in leather.   For the more traditional, you may just update your accessories and purchase a new neutral leather bag or shoes.   

Cropped Cardigans

Cardigans are a staple in many wardrobes but check out the cropped version if you need to update your basic black or cream sweater.  Any age and body shape can wear these with the appropriate items under the cardi.  Those of you who want more casual styles may want a more athletic style to pair with jeans or leggings.  Or the traditional cardigan in a new earth tone shade and wear a blouse underneath.  Maybe you’ll want your cropped cardi in cashmere.  Or choose a paisley or dark color with unique buttons down the front.  And there is ALWAYS an animal or snakeskin print to adorn your cardi and pair with a body con leather skirt.  


Although we are heading into cooler weather, the Cutout trend has been seen throughout the summer and will continue this fall.  Show off that body or strategically place where your cutouts are to show a little of your “skinny bits”.  This may not be a favorite for the conservative dresser but all other elements can enjoy this trend in a variety of styles from casual to dressy.  Look for jumpsuits with cutouts at the waist, cocktail dresses in an asymmetrical cutout, an animal print hoodie with the shoulders cut out, and even a sports bra with a small cutout at the chest.  Show as little or as much as you deem necessary.  


Fringe never really left us as a trend.  So, if you have some items in your wardrobe, pull them back out!  From shoes and accessories to jackets and sweaters, this is an easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe no matter what your element.  You may only want to add a scarf or sweater with fringe detailing on it but others will go all out and find interesting ways to incorporate their fringe.  Fringe can go “biker or rock & roll” when paired with leather or denim or cocktail and flashy when paired with sequins or metallic.

Ivy League and Mad for Plaid

Taken straight from “the Preppy Handbook”, this is not a trend at all but a staple style for many Southerners.  Think traditional style; Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.  Others may want to take it up a notch and pair plaid with animal print (funky) or maybe choose dark plaid in an artistic design mixed with florals.  Either way, you’ll see lots of red, white, blue and green in stripes and plaids.  A tip for the conservative dresser when wearing this style, it can make you look frumpy so try adding some new accessories in the form of a chunky gold chain.  A lot of men may already have stripes and plaid in their wardrobe, maybe choose to update your looks with a new shade of shirt or jacket. 

Oversized Blazers  

The Oversized Blazer trend continues into fall from Spring.  This is a great layering piece for the upcoming season and you can find boxy blazers in any print and style.  If you want to exaggerate their size look for even larger cuts, while sexier styles will opt for a body-con outfit underneath the blazer.  You can always wear leggings and make it sporty or look for tonal looks and an elegant approach.  The traditional style of plaid blazer may be the perfect style for a boxy body shape.  Add some cool booties with this look for a night out or comfy sneakers for a casual look. 

Red Dress and Slip Dress

The dresses have it for fall.  IF you’re fortunate enough to be heading to an event this fall/winter opt for a dress in red OR make it a slip dress and add warm toppers to cover up a bit.  Look for bold colors and figure flattering styles or choose a slip dress in a floral print or Stripe or red jumpsuit.  Choose a 100% silk slip dress in cream or a metallic or a red dress in elegant style. Look for more neutral red tone dress that covers a bit more of their shape in a traditional style and you can’t go wrong in a dark in both red tone a flowy chiffon fabric and may opt for a black slip dress with an asymmetrical hemline.  Red is always a winner for holiday looks.

Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves have been around for a number of seasons now but this season, they are focusing on the Mutton sleeve.  Fullness from the shoulder down the arm with a fitted cuff/band at the wrist.  Choose the asymmetrical neckline/sleeve detailing in as a new option for your dresses or tops.  You’ll see both trends in an array of colors, styles and designs to easily add another option to your wardrobe.  I keep thinking the statement sleeve trend will stop but designers keep it fresh with a new sleeve for us.  Any one at any age with any size can wear this trend because you can make it as wild or as traditional as you desire to show off the sleeve. 

Chunky Sole Shoes 

This trend continues from spring as well.  It’s not very flattering on the foot but VERY comfy if you have foot problems or just want a reason to buy new shoes.  And who needs a reason??  Combat boots and the 90’s grunge trend is reprised in Doc Martens with a chunky sole.  Converse has even come out with a chunky sole high top that you may want to check out.  Loafers with a traditional design are given a chunky sole that may be worth checking out to give your feet a break from stilettos and just choose a patent leather or animal/snakeskin print for their chunky sole shoe.  

Now is the time to take stock of your wardrobe and then decide which of these trends you want to try.  GET OUT OF THOSE YOGA PANTS!  And wear something cute, fun and make sure it’s your personal style, as we move slowly back into the office and out in public.  Don’t forget to “mask up” and have fun with them, too!  Coordinate your mask to your look as I mentioned in the last Trendspotting article.  Stay safe and well and have a fashionable fall!