Going Back to the Future with these 80’s Fall Trends

Posted on September 14, 2017 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, Shoes

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“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” this season with a throwback to all things 80’s! Growing up in the 80’s, (SSSHHH! I’m really only 39), I am thrilled to see all of the great fall trends coming back that I know and loved but with an updated approach and I’m replaying all of my favorite 80’s songs as I write this article.

From shoulder pads to plaid to animal print, I look forward to not only to cooler temps but seeing what trends will be in my area. Many of these will be easy to find no matter what area of the globe you are located.  What trends are you drawn to?  Do they fall into YOUR element?

Don’t be “Too Shy” this fall~ Waters! “Every Breath You Take” while wandering into your favorite thrift store or artsy boutique may have you searching for updated paisley items for your dark yet creative wardrobe. Your dark hair, eye, and skin tones shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors and textures this fall. They will look amazing on you and you will feel comfortable and at ease in them.

MORE IS MORE in every aspect of dressing in clothing and accessories. This season we will need to disregard Coco Chanel’s famous quote, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror & take one thing off.” Instead, you’ll want to ADD at least one more thing.

Flowing chiffon fabrics in dark colors, like this beautiful “Treasure Dress” from cabi, will fit into The Philosophers wardrobe beautifully and look amazing on your sensual, pear shaped figure. The paisley print adds a touch of whimsy and the deep burgundy and blue colors is an unnatural pair but look modern. Waters may want to swap out the burgundy Tee for a black version and possibly add black tights & boots to darken the pallet.



Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2017 collection took pattern mixing to the next level. With velvet and chiffon fabrics, beading and all things excess, non-conforming Philosophers will enjoy wearing the wider width pant with a touch of 70’s, also still on trend mixed up with their favorite unexpected touches. Unexpected and artistic meshed into a fabulous look.


The Wood elements will “Walk This Way” in the new high waisted jeans and pants. Not to be confused with “Mom Jeans”, yes, they are back too…. The higher waist on cabi’s jeans is not quite as constricting as what was around in the 80’s. It sits right at the belly button but you will see jeans/pants that sit on your true waist &/or higher. Cuff the leg and add your favorite slip on tennis shoe or bootie.  The Pioneers rectangular shaped body will look perfect in this look. Horizontal striped will add width to what may be a thinner frame if not athletic build and the blue inside of the arms and down the sides are extremely flattering on any body type. Don’t forget, wood elements cool body tones look lovely in blue and green shades, too.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in these skinny jeans that you’ll still see everywhere. Look out for ALL lengths and widths of bottoms this fall to keep active Woods, “Physical”. The Pioneer will be very comfortable wearing stripes, which are still around from spring and last season. Hunter green, which is also a flashback color, looks great update as the Zip skinny pant.


“Welcome to the Jungle”, Fires! Animal print is on the forefront although it’s remained in the front of my closet all along. If you don’t wear it regularly, pull it back out or pick up a new piece. Fire’s can make a statement in wearing head to toe animal with the reinvented Power Suit or split up the suit and wear them separately with a bold accent color. Shoulder pads are back but a little softer than the 80’s. This is great for balancing out pear shapes or adding some widths to rectangle shapes.

Joan Collins and the cast of Dallas would be jealous of cabi’s LRJ (little red jacket) looks fabulous paired with an animal pencil skirt. It’s sexy enough to attract attention but not too body con to wear to work and still look professional.


Fire’s don’t be afraid (& rarely you are) to mix reds/burgundy’s or reds, purples, and oranges along with “Eye of the Tiger”/prints and snake skin for a bold statement. Make sure it’s fitted to your body to accentuate your curves and add the highest heel you can handle.  If your body is an Inverted Triangle shape, swap all of the prints and action to your bottom half to balance out your sexy shape.


Earth’s will love all of the plaid choices “With or Without You” but in “Our House” they are the Peacemakers of the family and want to be more traditional in their style of dress. This element will have an easy time shopping this fall even if they are more practical than the other elements. Their “Endless Love” for browns and earth tones will also be prevalent in many stores and online and will coordinate nicely with their neutral body, skin and eye coloring.

This traditional plaid trench coat has a conservative design and looks like heavy wool (which Earth’s may gravitate towards) but it’s actually a slimming stretch Ponte fabric. Earth’s may not want to belt this jacket but tie it casually in the back. Pair it with your favorite dress for work or boot cut jeans and a white blouse for meeting friends.


Metals will “You Spin Me Round” in a column of color (monochromatic hues) this season? Dressed down in Stan Smith sneakers may take you back to your school days but the cashmere fabrics will feel as luxurious as you look.

Whether you’re attending a “White Wedding” or just want to “Take on Me”, Metal’s should dress their hourglass body shape and pale body colors tailored to perfection.


Perfectionists dress down (occasionally), but still, want to look pulled together. These polished, shimmering textures look expensive even if you’re on a budget. Metals will love the print velvet loafer w/ gold accent paired with denim and a dressier jacket/silk top. Don’t forget the MORE IS MORE trend. Pile on your REAL stuff or really good faux versions! Pearls, rhinestones, gold & or silver will complete your ensemble.


Whatever your element, embrace your personal style. Dress to inspire & express yourself. Dress for comfort or attraction. Dress authentically and with intention. Most of all enjoy Fall 2017!