HELP! The Holiday Party is This Month…. Choosing the Best Holiday Look for Your Fashion Feng Shui® Element

Posted on December 10, 2019 · Posted in Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping

The holiday season has ascended upon us, ready or not!  With so many choices, how do you decide WHAT TO WEAR to your company holiday party?  This year, try to focus on your Fashion Feng Shui element and it will make your life so MUCH easier!  

**If you’re unfamiliar about Fashion Feng Shui® and want to learn more– click here.

Water~The Contemplator

The Water element wants to show off some creativity when dressing.  What better way than to look for something with asymmetrical definition, fluid fabrics or dark colors.  Let’s take this black silk midi dress with the incredible draping-it is perfect for that woman.  Instead of pairing black pumps/heels, try an “invisible shoe”, like a acrylic/pvc mule with some bling to accent those tootsies!  Add some odd-shaped or unique rhinestones to complete the look.  If a Water element is not in a creative field, they should be careful as executives may not take them seriously in their job.  They may have to dial it down a notch or two when selecting looks.  

For the Water Man, how about wearing a velvet jacket with black pants, a print shirt, and a sleek slip-on dress shoe.  Wearing this will allow him to express himself and feel great in his choice. He may even want a trendier style than the classic jacket shown.   

Wood~The Crusader

Jumpsuits are still incredibly on-trend and the Wood woman takes comfort very seriously!  Why wear a dress when she can wear pants and still be able to hit the dancefloor in style! Hunter Green is a classic holiday color and this look can be worn with a black or metallic strappy heel.  The column shape is flattering and functional.  The halter neckline shows off sexy toned shoulders and arms.  Add some simple rhinestone earrings, bracelet and/or longer necklace.  Wood elements should be cautious of dressing too casual at dressier events.  Pants will still work just make sure the fabric is dressier than your normal choices of natural fabrics, like cotton or denim.  

The Wood Man will wear one of his elemental colors, blue, in this sleek fitting suit.  Just add your favorite striped shirt and these patent leather lace-ups to complete the look.  Not a black-tie affair? No worries!  He can dress this look down by swapping the dress pants for skinny jeans IF dress code allows and lose the bow tie.

Fire~The Captivator

Watch out when the Fire woman enters the room because ALL eyes will be on her! Whether she has on this season’s hottest color-HOT PINK- in a low cut fitted suit or sexy dress, she will make an entrance and exit.  Instead of strappy heels, she may opt for this trendy rhinestone bootie.  The 80’s vibe is still going strong so she can also tie that trend into her look.  Accessories for this woman and bold, blinging and more is more!  Fire women need to be careful of dressing TOO sexy at the workplace so make sure your look is age-appropriate and work party appropriate.  All shades of red are also very on-trend this season and always a safer choice if pink is not your color.  Throw on your favorite fur wrap and you’ll be able to brave the cooler temps.  

The Fire Man could opt for a burgundy sport coat, shirt, sweater depending on the dress code for the event.  A burgundy or red pant is also a great option for the trend-setting Fire Man.  He will usually buy them fitted or have them tailored for a closer fit.  A statement shoe, like this velvet slip-on is also a wonderful piece to complete the look.

Earth~The Caregiver

For the more conservative, traditional dresser, a mid-length dress or skirt is a great option for the holiday party.  The bronze v-neck dress provides the appropriate coverage and the Earth Woman can always add a cami underneath for more coverage.  Add a leather or print belt, if she prefers to accentuate the waist area or leave it as is for a leaner look that won’t divide her shape.  Add a classic black pump or strappy shoe.  The Earth Woman may even try the popular block heel or kitten heel.  Top the look off with some simple accessories in gold. 

Being from the South, the Earth Man is all around my area; very classic/traditional in their dress and their shopping options.  Take this classic sport coat in a plaid earth tone and pair it with either a dress shirt or sweater in a coordinating color.  Add a structured pair of trousers and a beautiful neutral/brown lace-up or slip-on dress shoe or oxford and he’s ready to welcome you to the party with a hug.

Metal~The Connoisseur

The Metal Woman and Man area pure perfection.  They love all things elegant; the best of the best, or at least it appears that way.  Wearing more monochromatic colors adds to that elegant touch.  Currently, winter whites, metallics and pastels are in most stores/boutiques’ so the Metal Woman won’t have a hard time updating her holiday look.  I love this simple, elegant cap sleeve dress.  Make sure it’s perfectly tailored and then add some drama with the shoes; whether it’s a rhinestone-encrusted pump or strappy sandal in metallic or winter white.  Last but not least, don’t forget to bring out your REAL diamonds for this event.  

The Metal Man may opt for a white jacket with black pants and a classic dress shoe.  Whether he’s wearing a bow tie or long tie, it will be made of the finest silk and his suit will fit perfectly.  Metal Men don’t mess around with their style.  His shoes will be polished and not a wrinkle will be had on his suit.  

Before you head out the door, make sure you are giving yourself a final look from all angles.  Have a girlfriend or your significant other help, as needed.  You can even have your makeup and hair “done” professionally if needed.  This may be the opportunity to “glam up”, show another side to your personality and enjoy the process.  

Give some thought to your look this holiday season.  Don’t just buy the first thing you see unless you absolutely LOVE it, feel comfortable in it and know that you will wear it.  Enjoy this holiday season, be present, and make sure love is filling the air.