Holiday Gift Ideas “Fashion Feng Shui’d®” Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Posted on December 4, 2017 · Posted in Fashion

Ready or not, the countdown is on to find “the perfect gift”.  Shopping Fashion Feng Shui® style is fairly new to me. Normally, I have my list and have an idea of what friends and family have either told me they want or I surprise them with what I think they will like. This year, I’m going to try and shop with their element in mind. Who wants to try this approach with me?

Fashion is a huge part of my life and personally, I love all things Fire inspired, making a statement brightly colorful and dramatic! However, that doesn’t work for everyone so I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to help make your shopping a bit easier.


WATER~The Philosopher 

Do you know someone who may crave peace, calm and just want “to be”? Whether they are attending a concert, walking through the woods or attending a holiday party, Water elements still want to look fashionable but on their own terms. They may have an insatiable reading habit or may want to share their latest sculptural creation with you. Water elements enjoy traveling alone, so a gift for a yoga or meditation retreat may be appropriate. Some other great options are for The Philosopher in your life are:

  • Winter equals cooler or possibly frigid temps in most parts of the US. To stay warm AND stay on trend, I love all of the hat options this season. You’ll find them in an array of fabrics and knits. Waters will love the pom poms or tassels topping them since they walk to the beat of their own drum. Make a statement with the hat you choose for the Waters in your life. It could be bold and colorful or simple and furry, either way deep, darker shades are preferred.
  • An oil diffuser is a wonderful gift Water elements can use in their office or in their meditation space. Add a few calming essential oils and having a zen moment will remain the first thing they do throughout 2018.
  • Water Elements may enjoy concerts and the Ticket Stub Diary allows them to journal about the group or musician they recently saw and save the ticket stub if they have one. Stubs are quickly becoming obsolete.
  • A funky pair of tassel earrings may be the perfect gift for those that want to add the finishing touch to their ensemble. Long and dangling or short and swishy, either style will add pop to her look.


WOOD~The Pioneer


Combining Fire and Wood is my personality, so finding gifts for this element was a breeze! If you have an athletic person in your life, there are a TON of options on the market. From sports watches to head lamps(for those who run at night), the athletic trend is still going strong. So yes, yoga pants are still on EVERY body and dress down is the new norm. Boots are huge this season and with so many choices, it’s a little overwhelming, so know your element. Wood elements want to move, so shop for clothing and accessories that take this into consideration. Most Woods also are long and lean and can wear a lot of styles but will enjoy jeans and casual items over being trendy.

  • A sports watch. This is a MUST HAVE for any Wood in your family. Whether it’s an Apple, Garmin or Fitbit, they are everywhere and at any price. Does your Wood want to run a marathon in 2018 or just jog around the lake? There’s a watch for them and many more options.
  • After completing that marathon or jog, they may want to capture that inspirational moment and want instant pics. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer fits in your hand and can travel where The Pioneer wanders. How cool is that?
  • Boots, boots, and more boots! Woods will love them and wear them often. They could be hiking, snow skiing or just casual roaming around town. Duck Boots fit the bill for many of these activities and come in an array of boot shaft heights. These long and lean to the knee boots can be worn with jeans or leggings and are very comfortable.
  • Wood Elements love the outdoors, so bring a little inside this season with living wall art. Add your favorite succulents, the super trendy plant of the year, as it requires less watering and you can spruce up your favorite room. These small pots can be painted solid or striped and arranged in any design on your focal wall.


FIRE~The Pleasure Seeker

Animal prints, shades of reds, oranges, & purples, and drama may sum up the FIRES in your life. Shopping for this element may be tricky if they exude sex appeal and you’re a little shy. So I’ve tried to help with a couple of great ideas that any Pleasure Seeker will love.

  • A new bag perhaps? Most women love handbags, Fire’s, however, love drama, so look for satin, animal, or patent leather, which will provide the needed excitement. Handbags of all shapes, sizes, and designs are all the rage and easy to find. Finding the “right” bag for her with enough drama may be a bit harder to locate. I love the purple small evening bucket bag.
  • Selecting a fragrance can be a hard gift to buy if you don’t know what they like but how can a Fire go wrong with the Victoria’s Secret-Very Sexy perfume? The name had me off the bat.

When in doubt ask the Fire in your life what fragrance he or she prefers. Fragrances change from person to person.

  • How dramatic is this fur hat with reindeer antlers and gold nose? I think it would look perfect when your Pleasure Seeker is drinking an adult beverage by the fire or a night on the town. As mentioned earlier, hats are BIG, so shopping for a statement hat should be easy to check off your list.
  • Finally, thigh high red boots…. Need I say more? These fitted stilettos will bring the drama, sexy and added PUNCH. Perfect for New Year’s Eve or anytime for Fires.


EARTH~The Peacemaker

This is the season that most Earth’s LOVE! It’s all about family, food, and tradition. Many of us have Earth’s in our life and they are pretty easy to shop for, in my opinion. Being more traditional, I like to buy home inspired gifts or comfy clothing. A plaid scarf or shirt, hand knit items like a wrap are also lovely gifts. A gift card to Blue Apron or another food delivery service may be the perfect gift for the busy Peacemaker in your life.
  • Mugs are always a great idea. Maybe you could schedule a night to create your own in your local pottery studio for the special Earth in your life. Since most Earth’s will want to offer you (and others) a cup of tea or coffee, this is a gift they can never run short.
  • Salt Rox Cooking Plate is a very unique gift for the cook in your life. Most Earth’s may not buy a gift like this for themselves since they are focusing on gifts for others. I love that this item can be used many times and flavors what you’re cooking. Very cool!
  • The perfect pair of Flannel PJ’s. From nightshirts to one-sies, plaid and flannel are always in style and more so, this season. I love the snowflake designs over the plaid. Earth’s will curl up beside their fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa.
  • A cozy sweater. Sweaters are always a great gift and this season is no exception. Cowl necks, oversized, cables, and cardigans both long and short, there are MANY choices in this category. Earth’s will love the roominess of this style and the burnt orange shade, too.


 METAL~The Perfectionist

With metallic still being a HUGE trend, look out for shades of silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, and gunmetal on everything from housewares & home decor to tech items and clothing. Refined, elegant and always with discerning taste, Metal elements will be drawn to the many tech options and designer pieces.

  • Apple does it again with the updated iPhone 8. Top it off with a rose gold case and your Perfectionist will stay connected with you and to the world. Although on the higher price point of my gift ideas, Metals want nothing less than the best.
  • A cashmere wrap in a pastel shade or this gorgeous silvery gray color. Wrap your Metal in elegance and she’ll be able to wear it dressed up or down. Simple and refined style.
  • Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, especially for Metal elements. The Speakeasy Earrings from Cabi have the deco inspired design with a little bling and a touch of blue luxury.
  • Flats are here to stay for another season. Although this shoe may be difficult to wear in colder regions, this classic style will look amazing on Metal elements and in silver, they will coordinate with most items in her closet. The pointed toe will be trending on into spring 18’ and this flat can be worn year round in warmer areas.


Tis the season to start your shopping and now you have a few “go to” gift ideas.  Take a few moments to really consider the gifts you’re purchasing this season. Most of us are so busy, we just give cash or gift cards because it’s quick and easy but really thinking about the gifts you’re giving makes giving, even more, FUN and EXCITING!

Wishing you and your families and very Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a love filled, healthy, and prosperous 2018!