Jump Into Fashion & Fall In Love With Jumpsuits!

Posted on August 3, 2017 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, Shoes

Jumpsuits…you either love them or you hate them. We, of course, love them and we want you to come to love them as well!


If you’re worried about wearing jumpsuits, don’t be. The key to wearing them successfully and confidently is knowing your body and the jumpsuits strengths.



Jumpsuits are such a versatile piece. You can wear them casually to lunch with friends or dress them up with a blazer for a professional job setting. A light jack or blazer of some kind allows for the jumpsuit to look more tailored and classy.


Speaking of tailoring…don’t be afraid to get your jumpsuit tailored if it’s too long. Having well-tailored clothing is one of our biggest tips here at Visually Appealing. Having your outfit fit perfectly makes you look more polished and put together. Check out our previous blog on it here.



One of the most essential ways to make your jumpsuit look amazing is by adding a cute belt. The belt will define your waist and pull the entire ensemble together.  Some jumpsuits already have belts built in, others may have an elastic waist band and you can top it with an additional statement belt.


Another way to spice up your jumpsuit is by adding a chunky necklace. A bold necklace paired with a solid jumpsuit is a fashion staple.  Long or short necklaces will accompany any jumpsuit just make sure the neckline works with the length of your necklace.


If you’re worried about the shoes to wear with your jumpsuit we have that covered too!  Wedges or basic strappy heels are the way to go to make your outfit pop.  In the winter, add your favorite boot or bootie, depending on the pant lenght of your jumpsuit.


When choosing your jumpsuit keep in mind your body type. Although all body types can wear these, know what colors and styles work well with your body. Solid colored jumpsuits look great on every body type.  If you want more punch add prints or patterns or even sequins!


So if you’re freaking out about an outfit for some occasion, just know that no matter who you are, how tall you are, or what your body type is, you can always pull out that cute jumpsuit pair it with some accessories and go! If you need more guidance and tips on fashion check out our past and future blogs along with our social media or just contact us at Visually Appealing!  As always, have a fashion filled day!


Carson Barcklow