Leap Into Spring/Summer 2015-Dressing Authentically thru Fashion Feng Shui®

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Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes. Carl Friedrich Gauss

Although most of us will be digging out of winter for several more months, S/S 15’ trends are a hot topic. Merging the elements of Fashion Feng Shui and fashion trends has become a fun project for me. The challenge is to not only see what trends will be the “Hot Items” in my town, but how to incorporate those into our lives and look amazing, all while striving to dress our true Essence and be Authentic with our style.

This spring is really the season for Wood/The Pioneer with all things denim. Although it’s been a huge staple in most wardrobes for years, you’ll see even more combinations of denim with the influx of 70’s trends this season. Those of us that lived through that era may not want to revisit it but you’ll see Creatively/Sporty looks with the Bohemian Chic edge. Updating your denim is an easy way to stay current while keeping true to your element. Every element can wear denim, you just need to be authentic in your dressing, know your body shape and what activity you’ll be attending.


Water~The Philosopher

If you’re a creative soul, you’ll be attracted to the Sheer Illusion fabrics, wonderful abstract prints, and flowy asymmetrical hemlines. Don’t forget to layer these sheer fabrics for coverage or “march to the beat of your drum” and match similar items with other patterns for a non-conforming look. These flowy fabrics work well on the pear body type of Water elements, too.

Shades of blue will also be easy to find this season. Stock up if you love this color. It’s relaxing and cool just like the calmness of the water. The blue tones and hues also look amazing on the exotic dark coloring of The Philosophers.







Water Elements can also add fringe to their looks this spring (and other elements can wear fringe if your intentions need a creative flair). Fringe, also ties into the summer suede trend and you’ll see LOTS of fringe on clothing, bags, accessories and shoes. This carefree trim adds movement and action to any look.




Wood~The Pioneer

If you’re essence is competitive, energetic or outdoorsy you’ll be right at home wearing all things denim. You’ll also find lots of stripes, florals, and the athletic trend (still in from last year) to update your wardrobes. With this trend, you can wear your athletic style pant for play or look for a dressier version with a contrasting stripe down the leg for work. Hoodies and pullovers paired with yoga pants are quickly overtaking the denim market for casual wear. Personally, I still love denim and feel it can be dressed up or down easier than active wear.pant-wood

Mixing patterns (stripes and florals) will still be hot, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Floral prints will be funkier, bolder and larger so the petite person needs to be careful and keep in mind the scale of the print to her body. Mixing a smaller print or pattern with a larger one is the key and keeping at least 1 color in both prints/patterns is important so you don’t look too funky, unless you’re channeling the Water element, too.floral-wood


bluestrip-woodSurrounding yourself with Blues and Greens will keep you grounded and on trend whether you’re affirming or attracting your intentions and there is a shade for everyone. These colors will mix well with your stripes, florals and active lifestyle.

Think outside of your box and even mix different widths of stripes, shown in the black and white stripe top/skirt. This outfit looks great on Woods rectangle body by adding some dimension. For a bolder look, add a pop of color with your accessories, bag or shoes.stripedress-wood


Fire~The Pleasure Seeker

Being part Fire and Wood elements, I LOVE the Summer Suede trend and plan to wear it as long as the heat allows, since I live in the south.

redbag-fireIf you feel suede is too wintery for you or your clients, try it in a bright color. Marsala can be seen in the Sangria shades if Fire elements want to incorporate that shade, too. Suede looks more expensive than some leather so it’s great for work accessories or in clothing if you’re in a creative field.


Pleasure Seekers will love the Exposed Shoulder trend this season! From 1- shoulder tops to cut outs on the shoulders, you can still look sexy without being too revealing baring this body part. Bold colors will also attract the Fire elements or other elements that desire excitement.blktop-fireredtop-fire







The Embellishments trend we saw for Fall/Winter 14’ is still going strong for spring, so many Fire’s will be able to add bling, beads and feathers to dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories.studshoe-firebeads-firefeathers-fire







Earth~The Peacekeeper

As you read in last month’s “Wardrobe Wisdom”, Marsala is Pantone’s “Color of the Year”. Earth elements have a wonderful brown palette to incorporate many shades of this color into their wardrobe this year.marsala-earth

This warm, rich reddish brown feels much more like fall to me, so I’m going to try this color with my makeup. Marsala shades will be a great cheek, lip or eye shadow color!

Another trend The Peacekeeper’s will be able to wear is the Gingham Trend. It’s hip to be square if you’re wearing gingham. Squares will be in a variety of sizes so that any element can add this trend into their wardrobe and go from classic, funky, or refined. It’s traditional enough for both men and women to coordinate with their work attire. It mixes well with classic clothing.

bkwt-earthblue dress-earth

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the size of your gingham. Men can add a gingham print shirt to suiting or mix it with denim for a relaxed look.





Earths will also love the large pocket accents that will be seen on jackets, skirts and pants/shorts. Be careful with the pocket placement as it may not be the most flattering look on some body shapes but this casual accent will give some depth to your clothing.skirt-earth










Metal~The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist’s will love all of the Shades of White and Gray this spring! Wear it monochromatically to look long and lean and you’ll be in your element. Metal’s will feel refined and look elegant in this look.

white-Metal  gray bagThink of updating your handbag in a gorgeous Glacier Gray shade. This color is a wonderful neutral and works with not only dark colors but also bolder shades, for the other elements.


All photos are from Nordstrom.com

Dress for yourself, no one else!