Image Consulting Services

Visually Appealing, LLC offers a variety of expert services to fit your custom look with your budget.

Virtual Consultations

      • Does your wardrobe need an overhaul? Do you need specific outfits for an interview, wedding or vacation? Or do you simply need to restyle your image but live outside South Carolina, internationally or just don’t have time to meet in person? Meeting virtually is the answer. Here’s how it works and what you’ll receive:
    • Style Assessments: You’ll start off filling out several style assessments to help Visually Appealing, LLC get to know you better, understand your image needs and learn how you want to be perceived.
    • Photos: You will need to send a minimum of 3 head shots/full-length photos along with 5-10 photos of you in your favorite outfits in the current season.
    • Phone Consult: Upon receipt of your assessments & photos, Visually Appealing will schedule a private Skype (preferred method) consult. This will last 1-2 hours and you’ll learn what colors look best on you, how to dress for your body shape, what is your signature style, how to organize your closet to make “shopping your closet” fun and easy and how to put different looks together with your current wardrobe. Hair, makeup, and eyeglass recommendations are also included. Email is available if preferred and easier for you.
    • Personalized Style File: Upon completion of your call, Visually Appealing will complete a Style File personalized for you. You’ll receive a number of shopping items, outfit combinations with accessories and all shared in a way you ‘ll be able to be able to refer to as often as needed. Shopping on a budget? Visually Appealing is happy to set up your Style File using your favorite stores, as applicable.
    • Follow Up: Visually Appealing is happy to work with you on one time or seasonal basis. You’ll also receive an online shopping list of items to add to your wardrobe to complete your updated image and help you feel and look more confident.

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The Basics 

    • Color Analysis
    • Personal Image Assessment: measure client, learn your body type, learn how to dress for your body type, discuss current trends and what items should you have in your wardrobe
    • Recommendations for shopping
    • Hair and makeup consultation
    • Personalized Swatches of “Your Colors”
    • Top 12 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe
    • Follow up Personalized Report (on a certain item you need/want)

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Transitioning You

    • The Basics Package plus:
    • Closet Edit for current season
    • Wardrobe Planning for the current season
    • Pre-shopping and Professional Shopping Trip (3hrs)
    • Personalized Swatches of “Your Colors”
    • Top 12 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe
    • Top 8 Accessories Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe
    • Seasonal Trend Report
    • Your Personalized Online Closet + 20 Outfit Combinations + Personalized Catalog

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Total Transformation

Included, in the most popular package:
    • Transitioning You Package plus:
    • Wardrobe Planning for 2 seasons (spring/summer & fall/winter)
    • Pre-shopping & Professional Shopping Trip (6hrs)
    • Personalized Swatches of “Your Colors”
    • Top 12 Clothing Items Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe
    • Top 8 Accessories Every Woman Needs In Their Wardrobe
    • Personalized Image Portfolio w/ seasonal trends for your age and figure type
    • 2 Seasonal Trend Reports
    • Your Personalized Online Closet + 20 outfit combinations per season + Personalized Catalog

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What is Fashion Feng Shui®?

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While Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese concept that aims to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings, Fashion Feng Shui® is an innovative, transformational way of dressing. The purpose of both are based on the premise you live a happy, healthier, more prosperous existence when you’re working and living environments are balanced and harmonious. Fashion Feng Shui® considers your clothing to be your body’s most intimate environment. Using Nature’s 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal to describe physical appearance, preferences, and goals, lifestyles, and clothing design elements, Fashion Feng Shui® teaches you that dressing can be fun, easy and empowering if done correctly.

Have you ever wondered why you chose the clothes you do? Why you select certain colors or styles? Fashion Feng Shui® can help you understand the answers to those questions and more. You’ll learn how to make conscious clothing choices that support both who you are and what you desire to be by wearing clothes that fit, flatter and fulfill you.  Harmonize your wardrobe.

One on One Evaluation

    • Learn how to dress for your Essence, Appearance, and Intention
    • Image Assessment
    • “Mix and Match” outfit combinations
    • Recommendations for shopping
    • Your Personalized Online Closet
    • Elemental Design Portfolio with color swatches
    • Archetype Cards
    • Wardrobe Planner Cards
    • Elemental Cards

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    This package can be combined to any Visually Appealing Package (for an additional fee) or purchased separately.

“I have learned so much from Elizabeth about fashion, looking my best and feeling good about myself. She introduced me to Fashion Feng Shui and showed me how to use it in choosing my wardrobe. It was so much fun and informative. Elizabeth makes everything fun and enjoyable, and I always learn something new from her. If you have questions about fashion, colors, make-up or putting your best foot forward in any situation, you need to call Elizabeth!”

Betty Boesch, Fashion Feng Shui® Client

“Elizabeth is both informative and fun!  She completely put me at ease and I knew WHATEVER topic we discussed she would respond in a positive manner.  Elizabeth provided me with extremely useful information and tips regarding the types of clothing suited for my body type, correct colors to wear and most importantly; how to mix and match my current wardrobe.  She pulled together numerous outfits from my closet, told me how to accessorize them and then created an online closet for future reference.  It was money well spent!  Thank you!”

Kathy Lloyd, Private Client

“I enjoyed working with Elizabeth and loved how she pulled things together so quickly. Her talent is amazing! I love the “Look Book” she put together for me because it saves me so much time getting ready in the mornings. Thanks for all of your help and patience when working with me.”

LouAnn Gosnell, Private Client