Show Me Your Spots & Other Trends for Fall/Winter 19′ thru Fashion Feng Shui®

Posted on November 18, 2019 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Personal Shopping, Shoes

For those not familiar with Fashion Feng Shui®, check out Fashion Feng Shui prior to reading this article to further understand.

My favorite time of year is here-FALL!  I already anticipate the smell of Pumpkin Spice, cooler temps (because we are SO ready for them in the South), boots, cozy sweaters and dare I say…  Although I am not an avid game go-er, SO many of my friends and clients are.  

Fall is also my favorite season to study and “guesstimate” fall trends for my area and see what’s in the arriving in my favorite shops.  

Trends scare many of my “Southern” bred clients because they are SO conservative, so combining Fashion Feng Shui has made it much easier for me to style and shop for them.  I approach it a little differently and try not to use the word “Trend” because many of the “Must Haves” this season are readily available and may currently be in their wardrobes.  

We’re going “Back to the Future” & flashing back to the 80’s. Think “Pretty In Pink”, the Talking Heads, Duran Duran and “Weird Science”.  For those of us that lived through it, you may not want to revisit this era with its BIG shoulder pads & sharp edges on suiting, neon, belted jackets/blazers/coats, oversized clothing but check out the new way some designers are “Livin in the 80’s” for 2019.  Try neon in a shoe or even more subtle, the polish you choose, whether than a full-blown outfit or item of neon.  Fire elements will be drawn to neon strappy high heeled sandals, the pointy/sharp edges on jackets and showing off that figure, belting everything.  Water elements can incorporate neon into all of the black pieces in their wardrobes and add a splash of color to the oversized pieces they may find online and in stores.  Acid wash, high waisted jeans may not be the first choice for the Wood element, but you can always find a more comfortable version of this for the active person. Men, you’ll also be able to find many items from acid wash/tie-dyed pieces to denim and neon, too.  Structured suiting will also be at the forefront for the fashion-forward man.  

For the more conservative dresser, you’ll find 2 trends everywhere: “Plaids Galore” and “The Sharp Dressed Bougie Girl”.  Let’s start with Plaid and add tweeds, houndstooth print, checks and all things Earth-prints for that grounding, classic style in handbags, suiting, dresses, etc.  

Can the Water element be comfortable wearing plaid?  She will be if she wears this cool free form skirt combining plaids, menswear stripes in a dark color. I love the high low on the leg, too, with an interesting bootie and a mismatched top or sweater to show off her unique style.  Wood elements will love a straighter cut pant in one of these plaids/tweeds that will easily coordinate with booties or sneakers.  Men don’t forget what a hat can add to your look.  The driving cap in classic tweed fits the bill.  Metal elements will find many Chanel styling options in soft pastels, metallics, and whites.  Making sure it fits to perfection and you’ll look like a million bucks.  Fire elements can even look for plaids in bolder colors and of course, the shorter length will add some sexiness to your dress.  Year after year, plaid in some form comes out so you probably have some versions already in your closet to choose.  

The Sharp Dressed Bougie Girl is part 70’s and part corporate with a “Bougie”/ high-end girl, kick.  Everyone loves a “Sharp Dressed Man” so why can’t women par-take?  Look for blouses with scarves or ties attached at the neck.  Longer midi-length skirts in according pleats, leather, or plaid.  Blazers/Jackets in the classic style that Earth elements will love.  We’re really seeing designers rip looks from the old days of corporate dressing.  Maybe it’s a sign that loose term “Business Casual” is shifting???  One can only hope!  Make sure it’s tailored for your style and body shape.  

I love all of the skirts paired with mid to knee-high boots or you can opt for tights and booties or pumps/heels.  I also LOVE the leather suiting for the Fire ladies, and you can always swap the skirt for pants for Woods.  

You’ll also see one of the “IT” colors-Pistachio that can be found in many items.  Metals will love the pastel shade and it looks beautiful paired back to metallics, whites, blacks, and denim.  Don’t be afraid to give it a try.  

Metal Headis another trend you’ll see but it’s not ALL for the Metal elements.  Yes, it is metallic colorsthat the Metals will enjoy but also add in actual metal pieces to your ensemble via sequins, buttons, leather, metallic thread.  

Nothing says holiday like sequins and if you’re adding a new dress or top to your wardrobe, pick one in silver, gold, bronze or rose gold to double-dip.  Wood elements always LOVE pants and who doesn’t want to add a little “bling” for fall. Earth’s may not want all the bling but may enjoy adding a subtle touch with metallic leather too coordinate with their new plaid coat for the colder days ahead.  Metals and Fires will totally be in their elements with this trend; whether it’s a sexy and sultry one-shoulder dress or a beautiful dress for the winter gala Metal has on her agenda.

For the more conservative dresser, simply add some metal accessories in your favorite style.  This is an easy trend to wear especially going into holiday season!


Now, Dark Romance takes the ever-popular Floral trend and grounds it with black or a darker color for fall.  Ruffles, statement sleeves, and chiffon will also fall into this category, so those living in warmer climates can continue wearing lighter weight fabrics.  Water elements will enjoy the fluidity of the chiffon and the dark colors but may add abstract flowers to their style.  You’ll see flowers on EVERYTHING from sneakers, to heels, all aspects of women’s clothing and Men we aren’t leaving you out of this either.  Check out darker floral print tops and bottoms or ties for the corporate guy.  

And finally, Show Me Your Spots!  I’ve said it often and truly believe Animal Print is a classic print and a print everyone needs in their wardrobe in some form.  Whether you want it in the traditional cheetah/zebra print and colors, it is up to your element and style.  This season, we’re seeing a push for more skins; alligator, snake, etc.  Still falling into the Fire’s element, all elements can wear animal/skin print and you’ll see them in everything from clothing to accessories and shoes/boots.  You may already have some choices in your wardrobe, so now’s the time to go schedule a closet edit of your own and get ready.  Men can hide their animal magnetism (if needed) by surprising us with zippy animal print socks, a tie, or even underwear if they don’t want to share it with the world.  For women, it’s game on, prints in every style, shape and for all elements and just so you know, I love this print so much, I’m getting a little patch cheetah prints tattooed on my back.