“I want to thank you for today! I am very happy with the dress and would never have found it without you. You really made it painless! Had I tried this on my own, this is how it would have played out without you: Mid Nov. I decide I better do something about the Deb ball, start looking online. I might hit the stores a week later. I’d decide to go to Belk and determine I didn’t like anything well enough to try on, might ck other stores in the mall and try on the blue dress. Discouraged I’d go home and eat a sleeve of cookies. This would likely be repeated until the week before the ball. Fortunately for me, I hired you and the process only lasted a few hours, got the dress at a great price and felt wonderful at the event! Thank you!

Patti Seigler, Private Client


“I have learned so much from Elizabeth about fashion, looking my best and feeling good about myself. She introduced me to Fashion Feng Shui and showed me how to use it in choosing my wardrobe. It was so much fun and informative. Elizabeth makes everything fun and enjoyable, and I always learn something new from her. If you have questions about fashion, colors, make-up or putting your best foot forward in any situation, you need to call Elizabeth!”

Betty Boesch, Fashion Feng Shui® Client


“Elizabeth spoke to our weight loss group and I must admit, I was a little skeptical.  I had not been to anything like her presentation and I don’t consider myself “fashion forward”, but I was pleasantly surprised.  She used easy terms to allow each person to understand how simple it can be to dress to your body shape. Elizabeth had really good energy which allowed me to really take it all in! It’s not just about clothes it really has to do with feeling good about yourself and boosting your self-esteem.
I received so many great results from her coaching and I have shared this information with multiple friends.  It really has made me do a double take about what I own. I still need to go through my closet but that task is a little daunting at the moment. Again, not being fashion forward, I now have a guide of what to purchase the next time I go shopping.”

Oriana Perez, Health Educator, SC Hospital


“Elizabeth is both informative and fun! She completely put me at ease and I knew WHATEVER topic we discussed she would respond in a positive manner. Elizabeth provided me with extremely useful information and tips regarding the types of clothing suited for my body type, correct colors to wear and most importantly; how to mix and match my current wardrobe. She pulled together numerous outfits from my closet, told me how to accessorize them and then created an online closet for future reference. It was money well spent! Thank you!”

Kathy Lloyd, Private Client


“Elizabeth makes shopping and style both fun and educational. Finding myself in quick need of some wardrobe updates, Elizabeth jumped right in. She brought focus, understanding and humor to an experience I previously considered a chore. I look forward to learning more from and laughing with Elizabeth, as both seasons and fashions change.”

Laura Bell Tate, Private Client


“My experience working with Elizabeth was very good! She took the time to help me understand what was going on with her program, not just run me through it. The shopping trip was the best! I gained a lot of insight on things that I had not before. She has a great demeanor and approach which is much appreciated. Elizabeth helped me feel well planned and put together for my first debut show, which left me feeling very confident in my role! She also introduced Fashion Feng Shui® to me and I learned to stay within my boundaries in my overall look but to mix things up with my accessories.”

JJ Cantrell, Private Client


“Elizabeth did a brilliant job working with our mothers who are going to college to make a positive change for themselves and their children. She provided wonderful information on self-presentation and etiquette that will help our ladies succeed in the business world once they have graduated college. Not only was the information helpful and essential for success, but Elizabeth made the experience fun and engaging. I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Alex Hammond-WACS/Phoenix Center


“Working with Elizabeth was positive and uplifting. She taught us how to dress for our body shape and what was appropriate for work. We received positive results by working with Elizabeth. Her seminar was phenomenal, fun and inspiring. She really empowers you to strive for success and that your clothing is a big part of that. Shopping on a budget? She taught us places to shop so we can still look professional without spending a lot.”

Kaylin Bagwell, The Cliff’s Sales Manager Administrator and Lindsay Mahram, The Cliff’s Event Sales Representative


“I am a graduate student in a field that has an extremely casual dress code. However, I am reaching the point where conferences and interviews are becoming more frequent. Elizabeth helped me to portray myself as a professional in my field. I must say, I was skeptical of this process at first. But from the first moment I met Elizabeth, she put me at ease and showed me that she wasn’t trying to change my personality. Instead, she helped me be more confident and taught me skills that I can continue to use in the future. Her activities on picking out the right styles and colors for my body made me feel great about myself. The shopping trip was very helpful and for once, I found it to be a positive experience. She even worked with me on improving my communication skills that helped build my confidence as a teacher and younger professional in my field. Working with Elizabeth was so much fun. Her positive attitude was always contagious and I looked forward to meeting with her every session.”

Kylie Smith, Private Client


“Thank you so much for taking the time to write and for your kindness in putting the clothes from the show on hold for me. You’re amazing and so thorough, two qualities I really like! Elizabeth, as expected, both fashion shows were gorgeous and so well done. They were the highlight of SHE Greenville 2013, for me and my sister and the main reason we attended!”

K. Born, Private Client


“I recently retired after having spent many years wearing business attire. Needless to say my closet needed help in transitioning to more relaxed, casual items along with a few dressy items. Elizabeth is great to work with. She is fun, very knowledgeable and is patiently working with me to get me” out of my box” from business attire (including colors) to what looks good on me and is up to date for my new life style.

The shopping trip we did together was a great learning experience.

Now my closet has been cleaned, rearranged and updated. The “Look Book” of my current wardrobe, Elizabeth created, makes it easier for me to decide on what to wear. The other items she gives me to put in the binder that is specific to my colors, shape, tips on what looks best is making it easier for me to look for and purchase a couple of items that are still needed.

Laura Carlson, Private Client


“Elizabeth is very professional and she made me feel comfortable as soon as she walked in the door. She taught me how to dress for my “real” body shape and what type of clothing looks best on me. Prior to meeting with Elizabeth, I chose clothes I liked regardless of what looked best on me. Now I can take a “scientific” approach to shopping and buy things that look GREAT on me, not just good.”

Elizabeth Chandler, Private Client
Owner, Elizabeth Chandler Designs


“I am thrilled with all of my clothing choices and could never have done this alone! Thank you for your patience. It feels so incredible to have confidence starting my new job and I’m going to look the part, too. The caliber of people I will be working with was intimidating but not now because I’ll fit right in.”

Laura Gaillard, Private Client
Rep for Rodan + Fields

“I was extremely impressed with Visually Appealing. On short notice, Elizabeth quickly seized an opportunity and established a comprehensive plan to help us build our footprint in the Greenville community. Kudos to Elizabeth for her level of professionalism, flexibility, and impeccable taste! We could not have been more please with the results of the Meyer Center Luncheon. “

Carey Ann Campbell
Belk Store Manager
Haywood Mall


“Elizabeth has added another wonderful dimension to our business. Being able to offer her talents to our clients has been very beneficial. Not only is she working with many of our students and clients on personal wardrobing, but we are thrilled to book her as a fashion show and special events coordinator in addition to wardrobe styling for photo shoots. We’ve had nothing but positive results and clients are coming back time and time again.”

Barbara Corell
Millie Lewis Greenville


“We love working with you because from start to finish we know it will be done professionally and with flair. You are so easy to work with, such a pleasure and always accommodating to our staff and clients. The fashions you select are always a good mix. You know what the audience wants and you make it happen. And the best part is that you do it without drama!”

Jacqui Bomar

JBM & Associates


“After wearing a uniform to work for 6 years and then having kids, my wardrobe was in BAD shape. Elizabeth came in, took inventory, cleaned out the awful stuff and then patiently spent the day shopping with me to find just the right things to replenish the closet and help me feel cute again. She did what I could never have accomplished on my own!”

Suzie Watts, Private Client


“I enjoyed working with Elizabeth and loved how she pulled things together so quickly. Her talent is amazing! I love the “Look Book” she put together for me because it saves me so much time getting ready in the mornings. Thanks for all of your help and patience when working with me.”

LouAnn Gosnell, Private Client