The Handbag, Shades, & Lip Trends YOU Need for Summer 18′

Posted on June 20, 2018 · Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Personal Shopping

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A statement bag and cool shades can take you & your outfit from DRAB to FAB!  Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to take stock and replace that boring handbag with a new straw, crossbody, belted bag or even fanny pack…..-YES, THEY’RE BACK!


Sunglasses, we must have them so what’s on trend?  Read on.


And let’s not forget our lips.  A new lip color will not only make your lips soft and supple but protect that “pucker” from the damaging rays of the sun.


What does YOUR handbag say about you?  Are you flamboyant? Or classic? Maybe you’re creative or sporty? Or do you want your designer bag to be the “It” bag of the season?  Let me help you whittle down ALL of those choices.  There are MANY statement handbags this season, so you won’t have a tough time searching for one but you may have a hard time deciding what to buy.


Handbag Trends:


  • Straw bags make an appearance every summer. This season every element will be able to find the straw bag they desire.  From the colorful, raffia fringed DVF handbag that Water elements will be drawn towards to coordinate with a funky look for the gallery opening you’re attending, to a sporty Wood element, who might choose a stripped woven cornhusk tote to take with them to the beach.  Earth elements will love the larger traditional tote by Nikole, in a basket weave pattern with leather trim which is perfect for work.  Billabong has a bold pink/red straw tote, for the Fire elements for everyday use and the pom-poms add some punch to the bag.  Miu Miu brings Metal elements a beautiful raffia and leather bag with bling.  This designer bag will be the “icing on the proverbial cake” and will look amazing paired with anything from white jeans and a silk blouse to an elegant designer pastel dress and heels

  • Crossbody Bags: I have jumped on the bandwagon with this bag trend, as I’m trying to scale down my (heavy) hobo bag.  The crossbody bag is easier on your neck/ shoulders/back and will give you a casual vibe but you can find dressier lux styles, too.  Metal elements will LOVE the Reese Ring Crossbody bag with its circular detailing and blush shade. Wear it crossbody or handheld.  Its designer, classic styling looks chic and will go with many items in Metals designer inspired closet.  How adorable is the crab inspired bag in bright red?  This is a BIG statement piece for Fires. If you live in or are traveling to a coastal city, it will be quite the conversation starter.  Water elements can add this novelty smaller crossbody cat bag to their collection, both by Kate Spade.

Where should the crossbody bag hit on your body? This is a question I’m often asked. It’s personal preference.  A tip: if you’re Pear-shaped like Water elements, you may want the bag to hit above or below the widest part of your hips as it will accentuate the hip/booty area.  Woods can wear it at any length because of their columnar length body.  With Fires curvy shape, the strap crossing the body will accentuate the bust; which may or may not be an issue.  Earth’s rounder shape can also wear this bag and should follow Water’s suggestions.  And Metals hourglass shape will work nicely with this bag accentuating her small waist.

I have also seen shorter crossbody bags hitting between the bust line and waist.  In my opinion, it looks off balance.  The strap is (intentionally too) short and it looks as though you’re trying to wear a handbag (not crossbody created) as a crossbody bag.  I prefer a longer length with the strap.  Above all, go your gut and what is comfortable.

  • Belted Bags or Fanny Packs: I shutter at the thought of wearing a fanny pack again…. I’m trying to embrace this but may go the Belted Bag route instead.  With the Ath-leisure trend quickly becoming a lifestyle instead of a trend, you’ll see all kinds of athletic belted and fanny pack versions, which will be easy for Wood elements to incorporate into their active lifestyles.  From hiking to travel, this style is the bomb and easily holds a phone, credit cards and keys.  Earth elements may find the practicality of fanny packs for trips/vacations but may find it uncomfortable to wear around their rounder shape.  They may not want to be belted around their waist.  The nylon, floral-inspired fanny pack and the black fringed belted bag both, by Rebecca Minkoff, are casual and flirty can be worn to your child’s sporting event or throw the fringe belted bag over a dress for a “hands-free” Girl’s Night Out.  Fire elements will love novelty bags in bold colors, animal prints or event angular shapes.  You will also see fanny packs and belted bags in metallic materials for Metals, bright/pastel colors, different shapes and materials for all elements.  Pick a bag that you’re drawn to so it accents your outfit, your shape, and your style.


 Trends in Sunnies-aka Sunglasses


  • Lucky for me, Cat Eye Frames are HUGE! Since I’m now searching for prescription frames, I am drawn to all things cat eye and have my pick in all sizes and colors.  What about you?  What’s your favorite frame shape?  Take into consideration your face shape and coloring.  If you want your frames to blend in and not be the statement accessory like Earth elements, look for neutral colors like tortoiseshell or silver and gold metals.          Clear plastic frames or rimless lenses are also on trend and in many stores and would work for any element.  However, for the Fire elements that want to look sexy yet smart, RED is the perfect color and the pointed tips of the cat eye frame are the shape for you!


  • Mirrored Lenses are another option for your shades. With lenses in shades of blue or green, Wood’s sporty sunglass style lends itself well to this trend.  You’ll find many styles from wraparound to Wayfarers with many lens colors options.  This gives some mystery if you want to hide behind your shades but also gives you fantastic eye coverage.  Metal elements may also be drawn to the metallic colors and opt for larger frames to give that delicate porcelain skin coverage.


  • Embellished Frames are a funky trend, gaining popularity and really giving attention to your face. With the originality of Water elements, these creative Swarovski crystal tropical sunglasses are fantastic!  Fire’s may also be drawn to the shine and bling of this style.  Waters love of movement and the fringe-embellished shades by Currie are definitely a unique item.


So what frames intrigue you?  Are you ready to start shopping online or at your favorite eye boutique?  Have fun with your sunglasses and step out of your box, especially if you’re looking for “cheap” sunglasses.



The Lips Have It!

 Now that you’re accessorized, the sun is out in full force so you will need to protect those lips.  Make sure you’re shopping for a lipstick, balm or gloss with an SPF for added protection. Let’s discuss some lip trends you’ll see.


  • Nude Lips are fabulous at any age, size, and ethnicity. This is not a trend (to me) but a way of life.  You won’t have to worry as much about reapplying throughout the day since you may be YOUR favorite watering hole or traveling, you just don’t want to be bothered with it.     Tip:  Find a nude shade that closely matches your actual lip color.  If you have a pink lip color (go for cool shades), a peach lip color (go for warm shades).  Make sure it matches.  You’ll be able to find nude shades in lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms.  Lining your lips prior to application is not necessary but will extend the length of the color.                                                                                         Fires will opt for the glossiest glosses.  Woods may only want minimal color since they’re active so a tinted lip balm is a perfect choice.  Earth elements may want to stick to a basic lipstick or even lip balm while Metals may try a nude metallic lipstick or gloss.  Waters will want a combination of lipstick/gloss and may focus more on their eyes for the drama.


  • A Bold Lip is a Fires dream! Shocking Pink, Orange or Red will make the lip statement she desires.  Lipsticks or Lip Glosses will top off your face. Make sure to tone down the rest of your makeup as the lips will be on the forefront. Adding a smoky eye or heavy blush or contouring will be too much, so less is more with the rest of your makeup application.


  • Lilac or Purple Lips will follow the UltraViolet theme for 2018. Water elements will love the deep dark purple colors while Metals may be drawn toward a lilac or pastel shade. Look for both in gloss and matte finishes.

Have fun with these trends!

With the recent passing of Kate Spade, handbag extraordinaire, it’s only fitting to honor her in this article.  May she RIP as a timeless & iconic designer of our generation.

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