What Do You Do When You Walk Into An Event & You Have The SAME Outfit On As Someone Else?

Posted on June 8, 2018 · Posted in Accessories, Etiquette, Fashion, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping

Has this ever happened to you?  Well, if you live long enough it’s bound to happen.  And it FINALLY happened to me.Recently, I attended a wedding and had bought a sexy black dress.  Everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) and I’m not the type to buy a “basic” style so I thought the distinguishing characteristics would set me apart. You always run the risk of seeing someone with the same handbag or shoes, or in a similar dress/outfit but I have never had the luck of this happening to me.


As I sat down in the church, I noticed a lady several rows in front of me whose daughter had turned and was staring at me.  Her eyes got big.  I glanced over and noticed the back of her dress.  Yes, she indeed was wearing my dress.


I literally about died!  At first, I was pissed!  How did this happen? Why me?  I’m an image professional, I’m supposed to know better.  What the hell am I doing to do?  Everyone will be talking about me.  I’m embarrassed!  All of those thoughts and MORE raced through my mind.  As I leaned over to my husband and told him the dreaded news, the wedding was starting and although I was stewing…..I decided to let it go for the time being. He gave me comforting words of advice and after all, we were at a wedding where everyone would be looking at the bride (and groom).  Point taken.

Margaret and Me


After the ceremony, we were walking to our car and the woman and her daughter were ahead of us.  I shouted at her, “I love your dress!”  She turned and we both laughed.  What are the odds?  We talked about the awkwardness and the fact she wasn’t invited to the wedding but came at the last minute with her daughter because the daughter’s husband was out of town.  We laughed more and decided we would take a selfie at the reception.  She mentioned going home to change.  I told her absolutely NOT!  Afterall, we both felt and looked amazing in the dress.  We had it accessorized differently, so why change?


Once at the reception, there were so many people, truly, NO ONE would have noticed, had I not mentioned it to several of my friends.  We met and took the selfie.  Discussed where we purchased the dresses and the fact that she had hers for 3 years and mine was new.


The lesson of this story, if this happens to you?  Don’t worry!  Life is too short.  Laugh about it. Take a selfie. Introduce the other lucky person to your friends.  And above all, tell the other person, THEY HAVE FABULOUS TASTE!