What is a Personal Assistant? Lindsey Holder, aka The Savvy Assistant shares… part 1

Posted on January 2, 2014 · Posted in Beauty products, Fashion, Personal Shopping

What is a Personal Assistant?   A few years ago, I met Lindsey Holder at a networking event.  I instantly, thought her career was interesting and since then becoming colleagues, I wanted to share her story with you.  All of the responses were provided by Lindsey.Savvy press 2-Hiya

How did you get into the line of work; being an assistant to a celebrity?

Pure luck actually. I wasn’t seeking the line of work.  I’ve had years of Assistant experience, but obtained the chance to work for an Entertainer through someone my sister knew. Before I knew it, I was going from the corporate world to Entertainment world overnight.

Are there special training classes, courses or conferences someone can take to get a leg up on the competition?

Absolutely! This past November, I was one of the speakers at the Behind Every Leader conference {www.behindeveryleader.com}in NY.  It was amazing to hear & meet the other stellar speakers {both Exec & Celeb PA’s} and the perfect venue for connecting with other assistants in the industry.BEL conference-stage

When you were a celebrity assistant where did you live and how long did you work for them?

I combine all of my Assistant experience as one, as I’ve worked as a general PA starting as early as high school answering phones for my dad in high school. My professional drive developed early on at a young age.  I’ve had the honor & experience of working as PA’s for a doctor, Fortune 500 Executive, General PA and Entertainer PA.

What did you do on a daily basis for them?

As a PA, you will wear many hats. As in any position, you are there to meet the goals & needs of your employer. However, if you are managing a team, you will also need to meet the needs of that team as well. On a daily basis, you may handle scheduling, travel arrangements, estate needs, staff management & delegation, personal & lifestyle needs for the artists and an array of other duties.

Did you get to travel with them?  If so, did you go to any exotic or fabulous locations?

Travel is a definite bonus. I was fortunate to enjoy cities such as Miami, Chicago, NY, San Fran & a plethora of my favorite cities.

Did they call you at all hours of the day/night or did you have set hours?

Each artist or entertainer will have their own personality & require certain needs met. I was available and ready to serve when needed at all times.

Any dirty little secrets(no names please) or crazy requests from any of your employers?

It was a privilege to be able to work alongside the artists I have been able to serve &  honored the held me as a confidant, as that is a part of your job and part of my character.

Check back next week for part 2 with Lindsey Holder and learn about her business in Greenville, SC!

Happy 2014 to you all!


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