What to Wear if your an Aquaholic

Posted on June 5, 2016 · Posted in Fashion, Fashion Feng Shui, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping

Memorial Day welcomes in the official start of Summer and with that comes swimsuit season.  I know what you’re thinking-UGH!  I share those feelings with you.  BUT, if you’re heading to the beach, lake or pool this summer you may have to wear one; unless you’re going to sport a caftan (which is very chic and I plan to try).
Wearing the right swimsuit for your body shape is VERY important.  You’re bearing your body and soul to the world, so you want to look fabulous, right?  Whether you’re sleek and sexy or more reserved in your personal style, selecting a swimsuit based on the principals of Fashion Feng Shui®(FFS) is an interesting way to not only dress authentically BUT feel amazing in a swimsuit based on your element.  If you don’t know your FFS element, call me!  I’m happy to go through the process with you.  I promise it’s painless, FUN and very informative.  In FFS you dress for your mind, body and spirit.  Don’t you want to wear a swimsuit that fits all 3 of these criteria?

Here’s the short version.   According to fashionfengshui.com:  each element will describe physical appearance, preferences and goals, lifestyle, and clothing design elements.  Fashion Feng Shui® elevates what was once a mundane routine to mindful ritual, so that getting dressed becomes easy, fun and empowering.  Who doesn’t want to dress each morning in this manner?  So selecting your swimsuit will follow the same process.  You select any or all of the characteristics you’re drawn to.

Interested in any of these swimsuits pictured below?  Simply click on the image and shop til your heart’s content.

Water Element-You will have a pear shaped body, also called a Triangle or “A” shape.  Being a creative spirit, you may be drawn to dark solid colors in black, very dark navy or very dark brown.  You will also like abstract prints like tie-dyed.  Trending along with tie-dyed this summer, will be fringe and ruffles.  This works nicely on a triangle shape because you want to increase your bust and adding patterns or prints on your bust will even out your heavier bottom half.  You may also be drawn to sheer fabrics and asymmetrical hemlines or in this case, 1 shoulder necklines in swimwear.  This trend in black looks amazing on your shape and will bring a calmness and fluidity in this 1 piece suit.

Water2 Swim



Water Swim



Wood swim

Floral/Athletic Styles

Wood3 Swim


Wood2 Swim


The Wood Element is very active, so your swimsuit needs to allow for beach volleyball games, walks on the beach or other activities.  The body shape that coordinates with the Wood element is a Rectangle, “I”, or “H” shape.  Luckily, Wood elements can wear just about any style suit.  You have small proportional hips and shoulders & no defined waist.  Belted swimsuits will help accentuate your waist.  If you love stripes, floral/jungle prints, and shades of blues and greens, these suits will be right up your alley.  Cotton, denim, bamboo in fabrics for cover-ups, bags, hats or shoes will pair nicely with your athletic style swimwear. Tankini’s or a halter neckline allow you to look sporty and be active.


Since the Fire Element craves attention and drama, finding a swimsuit this season won’t be a problem.  Having an Inverted Triangle or “V” body shape also boosts your sex appeal.  Look for plunging necklines on a one piece suit.  Bondage and strappy swimsuits will leave a lot of tan lines and little to the imagination but will make all Fire’s feeling amazing while making a fashion statement.  Add a bold red or purple shade or animal print to your swim wardrobe.  Cutouts will make you stand out in a crowd and allow your true self to show through.

Fire2 Swim

Purple/Bondage/Strappy Styles

Fire Swim

Red/Plunging V/Cutouts

Fire3 Swim

Zebra/Animal Print/Strappy Styles








Down to earth or traditional styles will always be available for the Earth element.  Your Oval, “O” or Apple shape may not gravitate toward swimsuits but knowing what style and pattern to wear for your shape is 1/2 the battle.  Neutral colored swimwear in browns, yellows and earth tones will look lovely against your skin tone.  Crochet styles in swimsuits will be everywhere this summer but if this trend is too revealing for your conservative style try a cover up with crochet detailing instead.  Color block and square patterns also look great on an oval shape.   Earth element swimwear adds more coverage than other swimwear, so try the high waisted bottom or a gingham print.

Earth2 Swim

Gingham/Square Prints


High waisted bottoms

Earth Swim



Metal2 Swim


Metal Swim


Metal elements desire designer, elegant looks and swimwear is no exception.  Even on a budget, you can get the designer look.  Try wearing a monochromatic suit in white, metallic or pastel shades.  Make sure your cover up, hat and shoe are the same tone or shade.  Metal elements have an Hourglass, “X” or “8” body shape.  Solids, polka dots or circle patterns may adorn your swimsuit.  Add a touch of lace or ruching to accentuate your tiny waist.  Simple, elegant styles paired with round, oversized sunnies will give you the glamorous look you desire.

Don’t be scared to dive into your favorite watering hole, strip down in your new swimsuit and get some Vitamin D this summer!  Knowing what swimsuit style, color, and activity you’ll be doing in your suit will make the process less painful.  When trying on swimwear don’t forget to sit, stand and move around before you make the purchase.  Look at yourself in the mirror at ALL angles.  Take into consideration, the lighting is usually NOT the best.  Make sure “the girls” have great support and coverage whether you choose a full coverage top or teeny, weeny triangle top.  Don’t forget to add a 30+ SPF (often) to protect your skin and enjoy your summer!